Principals' Corner

 Mr. Charles Baxter
 Mrs. McDevitt


Charles Baxter
Sharon Hill School
EXT 4599 


Stefanie McDevitt
Assistant Principal
Sharon Hill School
EXT 4577 
Welcome to the 2016-17 school year! I hope this year will be a year of collaboration and partnership so that we can provide the best possible education for your children in a nurturing, caring environment.  Your commitment and support is a key component to our school's success.  As a school we hold our students to the highest of expectations both inside and outside of the school.
The school year is well under way and your children are learning so many new academic and character skills.  The staff of Sharon Hill is working diligently to ensure that all of the children are growing and developing in their skills and strategies.  The teachers are completing the necessary academic components of teaching while simultaneously teaching appropriate behavioral (restorative practice) skills/ strategies while embedding the necessary support to ensure student success.
We look forward as we continue throughout this exciting school year! Please be sure that students keep up with their assignments and continually build strong academics throughout the new school year. Remember, you can access your child's progress throughout the school year by logging into the Home Access Center (HAC) link on the district's main page.

Just a reminder that students are allowed entrance into our breakfast program is from 8:05- 8:20 AM.  During the school year, Sharon Hill School students are expected to be in school by 8:39 AM. The school day ends each day at 3:20 PM, unless your child has an assigned after school appointment/ activity. 

We look forward to continually work with you and your child(ren) here at Sharon Hill School throughout the school year!  We welcome Mr. Baxter (Principal) and Mrs. McDevitt (Assistant Principal) who will continually assume the roles and responsibility of building administration.